This is a little spin off the weekly segment "10 Things You Might Not Know" from the radio station, KSHE 95. (Shout out to my sub shop fam, I know you guys are still faithfully listening to the morning rock show!). I think it's pretty self-explanatory so, without further ado, here is 10 things you might not know about Costa Rica:

1.     It is normal and common for people to walk around with machetes; it is merely used as a gardening tool.

2.     Iguanas run around like rabbits and torment everyone because they eat all the vegetables and plants. When I explained the similarity to our friends they said they have never heard of “wild rabbits”, they’ve only seen them as pets.

3.     Their food here is very simple, but tasty. Rice and beans accompany every meal. They have “sodas” which are small, family owned restaurants where you can get a typical Costa Rican meal for about $5.

4.     Their coffee is simply THE BEST. While the vast majority of the highest quality coffee is exported, there are two common brands here that people drink every day, called Café Britt and 1820. It is by far the best coffee I have ever tasted- I can even drink it black!

5.     Costa Rica is EXPENSIVE! It was way more expensive than we expected it to be. I will write a short post on this sharing all of our expenses so others can see the cost of traveling here.

6.     The pharmacies always have doctors in them. If it is not an emergency always go visit the doctor at the pharmacy first. You will avoid a higher bill and these doctors often are much more familiar with what medication can help you the most.

7.     When driving down the street in the afternoon/evening time you will see everyone has their doors open, and a lot of the time they are all sitting outside as a family. It is uncommon for people to have AC in their homes (or in local restaurants/stores for that matter) so in order to keep cool they sit outside.

8.     Along that same note, in the areas I traveled to, I noticed that no one wears any makeup. I assume it’s just because it’s so hot it just melts right off their face so it's no use even trying. It’s quite a wonderful feeling to have a bare face all the time.

9.     Cars here are all manual, and not flashy. It is possible to rent an automatic car, but they are really only here for tourists and they are much more expensive to rent. It’s a plus to get a vehicle with 4 wheel drive because of the gravel roads and occasional river that needs to be crossed during the rainy season. You are living the luxurious life if you live on a paved road around here!

10. There really is no such thing as an address here. They use landmarks and directions instead of street names and house numbers. In the capital city the streets are numbered, but there is more than one “calle 5” in the city and it is not the same street. It’s all quite confusing. It’s no wonder that they’re known for their less than stellar postal service. It seems it is a miracle if anyone actually receives the mail.

That was the first edition of "10 Things you Might Not Know" if you liked this post, let me know by commenting below or clicking on the heart!