Well guys, If i'm sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly with you... This is the ugly. 

Our trip to Peru started out rocky since our Workaway Volunteer position didn't work out. We ended up having to pay for a place to stay the whole time which quickly put us over budget. Aside from that, visiting Machu Picchu was expensive and the flight to even get to Peru was just ridiculous. I thought for sure we would be coming in WAY under budget for Peru because everything is so stinking cheap, but I guess not everything is. But I mean, you can't possibly go to Peru and skip out on Machu Picchu just because you're over budget!

The ending total is almost 2 times what we budget per month. Honestly, if we hadn't already purchased our flights to Chile we would have been out of there way sooner to save money. The problem is that we'd practically have to sell a kidney to pay for an international last minute flight. So, we had to stick it out for a month even if it meant coming home sooner than planned or skipping something else down the road. You can see the price breakdown for 1 week in Lima and 3 weeks in Cusco below.