Vince and I have had quite the year. Since we have been home and running into people we have been getting a lot of the same questions about our trip. I figured this would be a great time to reminisce over our year as well as answer the most common questions about our favorite things during our time abroad.


Favorite Overall Place

Both: Bastimentos Island, Panama

Many of your remember this island from the blog I wrote about it, and several people have commented about the video I posted of me dancing and how happy I looked when we were there. That’s because I was happy! Just being able to be that care free and let myself fall into rhythm with the music and enjoy the people around me made me the happiest girl in the world. Both of us were right at home living the slow island life. This place is unlike anywhere else we have been and we would (and will) go back in a heartbeat. The people are unbeatable, the way of life is simple and easy, and the scenery is exquisite. To read my previous blog about Bastimentos, scroll to the bottom of this page. 

Hannah: Cinque Terra, Italy

From the get go we should have known that this place was going to be spectacular. It boasts the impressive credentials of 'National Park' and 'UNESCO World Heritage Sight', which are sure signs that this place would leave an impression on us. We loved much of Italy but unlike the business and bustle of its other cities, Cinque Terre in the off-season is heaven on Earth. It is becoming more touristy but still remains a hidden gem in Italy. Its hilly terrain and colorful buildings are right off of a picture perfect postcard. The best pestos in the world, paired with homemade pasta, melt in your mouth cheeses, fresh seafood, and Italian wine is reason enough to visit this small town. No cars will be found on the streets here. The train is the only way in and out of this small fishing village nestled on top of jutting cliffs over looking the Mediterranean. The authentic Italian vibe you feel from walking down these hilly streets in unparalleled to anywhere else we have visited in Italy.


Vincent: Bruges, Belgium

Another small town pops up on our list of favorites- only to prove that the best places are those that are somewhat hidden and hard to reach. Bruges is a quiet and quaint town, similar in size to Forest Park. We often describe it as a fairytale land because it was so magical in that sense. The weaving canals, ivy crawling up the buildings, cyclists riding by, and church bells ringing give this small town a homey, relaxed feel. Strolling through the city with a Belgium beer in one hand and a Belgium waffle in the other (just kidding you could never eat a Belgium waffle with only one hand) was a daily activity for us until the town quietly shut down around 7pm every night. In the evening it was easy to find pubs and make friends because people trickled outside of the pubs along the street, smoking and drinking. You could hear the warm chatter as you passed by or were called in to join the crowd.


Favorite Overall Country


There are only a few countries where we spent time in several cities and felt like we got a good taste of the entire country. Of those few we found Spain to be our favorite overall. We were there for long enough that I have so much to say I am going to make a separate blog post just about Spain. I honestly think the reason we liked it so much is because we had several really amazing experiences there. A lot of our ‘favorites’ have to do with food or people or culture or beauty but Spain was a really fun place for us because of the events. La Tomatina (the largest tomato fight in the world) was so fun and unique. Getting to see Cristiano Ronaldo play from the 4th row in Madrid was wild. I have never had so much fun at a sporting event in all of my life. Barcelona was great because we had our engagement photos taken there and made a new friend in the process. We also got to meet up with some friends from home and have dinner together which was a highlight. Plus, we lived next to La Rambla and just feet away from the market, so we had unbeatable access to some of the best yet cheapest food, and something was always happening on the main street out in front of us, no matter what time of day. In San Sebastian we became close with some Aussies that we had spent days on a bus with, and enjoyed a beach day and night out together. Since we spent so long in Spain it was really nice to get to know our way around a city and feel a bit more comfortable there. Another plus about our time in Spain was that it was easy to communicate. While I always started off speaking in Spanish, if I was having trouble someone would easily be able to help me since so many people spoke English there. It took off some pressure and made going places more enjoyable.


Favorite Cuisine


Oh, my, gosh. My mouth waters just thinking about Peruvian cuisine! Lima is home to the best chef in the world, and the number 5 restaurant in the world. From sophisticated chefs to the women cooking on the corner, Peru’s food culture is unbeatable. Gastronomy is a huge part of Peruvian culture and it shows even as you walk down the street. On every corner and bus terminal there is a woman cooking marinated meat skewers (anticuchos), potatoes and huancaína sauce, someone selling all kinds of pastries and cakes, little girls walking around with churros to sell, ice cream push carts, fruit and veggie stands, snack and drink stands, all kinds of nuts, and hard boiled quail eggs (huevos de codorniz) that those women peel impossibly fast. Of course we can’t forget about the impeccable ceviche, salty salchipapas, Peruvian staple Inca Cola, traditional pisco sour or my personal favorite, chicha morada. Peru is one place you will never go hungry and it is not unusual to see people stuffing their face as they walk down the street. With all of these great things that I have to say about Peruvian food- the best part is that it is stupid cheap. All of the street food I just listed costs between 1-3 soles. That equates to $0.30 - $0.90! For breakfast every morning we would walk down the street and get a nice sit down meal with bread, rice, steak, eggs, tea, and veggies for a just over a dollar. You just can’t beat that. To read more about Peru and their cuisine, visit my previously written blogs on Peru, here.

Chicha is the purple drink pictured here

Chicha is the purple drink pictured here

Pisco Sour- this is not the traditional one but has passionfruit added 

Pisco Sour- this is not the traditional one but has passionfruit added 


Barcelona is significantly more expensive than Peruvian food, but you could still find a bargain if you knew where to look. We ate paella galore and would stuff our bellies full of tapas and sangria then practically roll around the city instead of walking. As I mentioned earlier, we lived right next to a market, which probably had a great influence on our Spanish food experience. We could never decide what to eat because everything we tasted was so delicious that we wanted to eat it again, but also wanted to try new things. Some of our favorites included paella (of course) jamon iberico, any type of seafood we tried (the oysters were mouthwatering) and patatas bravas.

A selection of tapas. The patatas bravas are the potatoes covered in hotsauce at the bottom.

A selection of tapas. The patatas bravas are the potatoes covered in hotsauce at the bottom.

Most Beautiful

Costa Rica

From the wildlife, to sunsets, to waterfalls and beaches I was constantly in awe. I think the photos can speak for themselves on this one!


Friendliest People

Central America

People were unbelievably warm, welcoming, and helpful in Central America. Even when I had trouble communicating they would be patient and help as best as they could. You talked to the people you passed by on the street and we always felt like we were a part of a community that looked out for one another.

Most Interesting


There is a perception that Amsterdam is all about pot and prostitutes. While that of course is some of the culture and history of Amsterdam, there is so much more to learn from this city than just going there to party. I will be writing a post that goes into much more detail about Amsterdam because we found it so interesting, but some of the highlights are: the dancing houses, its rich history as a port city and the birth place of the stock exchange, The Anne Frank House and stories of WW2, how a city can be built below sea level, the decisions that lead to it being known as the most liberal city in the world, and hilarious facts surrounding the bikes and the hundreds of thousands of cyclists of Amsterdam. Out of everywhere we went, we thought it also had the coolest museums and most unique things to do. We could have kept ourselves busy for weeks with all that there is to do in Amsterdam!


Place We Could Live

Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso is an artsy city with a laidback community. Its transportation is reliable and there are all of the modern amenities we would want. You may be wondering why we wouldn’t live in the places we listed as our favorites- some of those places were such small towns that it would be hard for us to live there and find places to work. We also prefer some modern comforts you would not find in those places, like running water year round, big grocery stores, and air conditioning.  While mastering the language would no doubt be challenging, we found the people to be very eager to speak English whenever they could and excited to meet Americans. Everyone was very friendly and patient with us and we felt very safe here. Learn more about Chile and Valparaiso in a previous blog post '10 Things you Might Not Know About Chile', here


The thing we loved about London was the diversity. That was the biggest thing we were drawn to here, but like Amsterdam there is an endless amount of unique things to do in the city. All types of different neighborhoods, good food from all over the world, weekend markets, minimal language barrier and the big entertainment scene made it easy for us to fit into life in London. The only thing we didn’t care for so much is the weather, but hey- you can’t have it all!

Favorite Memories

I started to write down all of my favorite memories of the trip, and realized I had already typed 5 pages worth of favorite things. Obviously I had to rein it in, but it is so hard to narrow down the most important moments of the last 8 months. I've deleted and rewritten paragraphs over and over because I couldn't decide what moments deserved a feature. Sometimes it is the smallest things that you witness that changes the entire way you view life, and trying to put that feeling into words is not easy- in fact it is nearly impossible. Some things you just have to experience on your own to be able to relate to, but below I have tried to pour meaning into these words so that you can start to get a glimpse of the wonderful journey we went through.

Zapatilla Island

Zapatilla Island is an uninhabited island of solely jungle and white sands. It is hard to reach because of the coral reefs and lack of a boat dock, but the beauty is worth the journey. On the way there we picked up some lobster from a fisherman in the middle of the ocean. Our friend dug a sand pit, started a fire, and cooked a meal for us on the island. We ate fresh-as-fresh-can-get lobster on leaves picked from a tree. As Vince and I walked hand in hand in the powdery sand, fresh lobster on our lips and sea breeze in our hair, I couldn’t think of a more perfect day.


Engagement on Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the Seven Wonders of the World for a reason. Being on top of a sacred mountain, looking around to see a river below us, and lush jungle climbing the sides of the Andes is a spectacular feeling in and of itself. Walking through ruins that are a miraculous part of history had me living life on a high note already. Just being there was a memorable and awe inspiring experience of its own. Then to have the love of my life ask me to be his wife sent my emotions into a whirlwind. My head was spinning, and my hands were shaking and I couldn’t contain myself. When Vincent got down on one knee, that place become much more than a Seven Wonder of the World to me. It’s now part of a memory of one of the best days of my life. Read more about Peru and the magic of Machu Picchu here.


We hiked to this waterfall with our friends, which was a huge accomplishment in itself, because it was such a strenuous hike. Once we got there I was the only one who wanted get in the water, but I wasn’t about to leave without swimming under the waterfall. Feeling the power of the waterfall pound on my exhausted body while I swam alone in this deep natural pool made me feel strong and empowered.

That night we returned to the hostel, laid in hammocks and talked about life while David strummed on his guitar. Vince and I rose in the morning to the sounds of howler monkeys. The monkeys put off a sound that is a deep roaring siren and is almost devilish. It sent chills running down our backs as the sound echoed through the jungle. We walked down to the rocky beach and climbed all over the black bulges listening to the more pleasant noise of waves crashing on the rocks while the sun rose. More about Montezuma here.

Hot Springs

In Costa Rica we visited hotsprings that sat at the base of the volcano they were heated by. We arrived and found the steaming place all to ourselves. We slipped into the smooth, hot water, sipped on a drink called "Pura Vida", and stared into the clouds. We were throughly wrinkled and relaxed, when all of a sudden, the heavens opened up and it began to rain. The sensation of the cool rain pattering on our skin while slinking along in the hot spring was so strange it made us giddy. 


Sitting on the Dock in Panama

This is a time I sat back, just looked at the beauty all around me and was completely overwhelmed. Looking up at the stars, I had never seen a clearer sky in all of my life. I was laying there on the dock under my loves arms, almost becoming one with the ocean as our bodies flowed in time to the soft waves that were hitting the dock inches below us. To our left was a bonfire with friends gathered around, laughing and telling stories, and out to the front in the bay were girls squealing as they leaped off of the sailboat into the warm ocean. I can still hear the sounds of that night, feel the soft rocking of the dock, and see the glow of the fire and the sparkle of the sky. I just remember being so at peace with everything in life in that moment and being so incredibly grateful to be experiencing this.


This year and this trip has been better than I could have ever imagined. It exceeded every expectation I had. It has showed us that we are capable of doing intimidating and difficult things on our own, explore roads that no one has gone down before, and save money with fierce determination. I now know that I can live and work together with Vincent 24/7 and not only get along-but grow closer together.

We dedicated tons of time and effort to planning this and it really paid off. This trip has allowed us to see how other people in the world live, which in turn humbled us incredibly. We met some of the kindest souls on the planet and made friends that we will keep for life. We learned that material things matter so little, and experiences and relationships are what this life is all about. My heart is overflowing with gratitude and even as I write this, tears swell in my eyes as I recall all of the events of these past 365 days. This year and all that it encompassed has been nothing short of life-changing.